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Technical Support

How to use CG FC200 to read 2018 BMW M4 ISN?

Use CG FC200 to read 2018 BMW M4 ISN

Can CGDI FC200 still function after one year free update?

Get the CG FC200 ECU programmer with one-year free updates. Keep your device up-to-date for full functionality, including data calibration. Subscription for extended updates available. Order now!

CGDI capabilities for Mercedes keyless go key

Discover how CGDI MB, the most professional key programmer, offers a seamless keyless go key solution for Mercedes. Find out which Mercedes models are supported and learn how to write and reset CGDI MB keyless go keys.

CG FC 200 read ISN for 2016 BMW 328I F30 N26

CG FC200 ECU programmer is capable of reading out the ISN on 2016 BMW 328I F30 N26 AKL within 2 minutes, allowing for quick and efficient key making. This tool, in combination with Yanhua Mini ACDP, provides seamless operation and enables easy key creation for BMW vehicles.

CGDI CG70 Repair Ford Fiesta MK6 Airbag B1193:00-8B Crash

The CGDI CG70 airbag reset tool is specifically designed for Ford Fiesta MK6 airbags. With its auto repair function, it can effectively read DTCs, perform EEPROM operations, and clear crash data without the need for dismantling or welding. Discover how to use the tool, connect it to the airbag ECU, and complete the repair process seamlessly. Ensure a non-destructive repair experience with CGDI CG70 airbag reset tool.

CG100X/CG100 Repair Mercedes Benz 48V Hybrid Battery

Learn how to repair your Mercedes Benz 48V hybrid battery with ease using CG100X or CG100 programmer. Say goodbye to battery problems, low power, and difficulty starting your vehicle. Follow the step-by-step guide provided to effectively address battery malfunctions and restore the functionality of your hybrid battery.

CG100 PROG III full version test report

CG100 PROG III test report

CGDI MB Programmer FBS4 Mileage Repair Supported List

CGDI MB Programmer FBS4 Mileage Repair Supported List

How to choose CG100, CG FC200 and CG Pro 9S12?

CG100 vs CG FC200 vs CG Pro 9S12

CG100X vs CG100 vs CG70 Comparison Table

CG100X vs CG100 vs CG70 Comparison Table

How to activate brand new CG100X tool?

Firstly, please download and install the newest software from internet.
Secondly,connect the CG100X USB cable,12V 2A power supply and open software, software will show you that your tool need to activate it, click ok.
Thirdly, if you have an account already from CGMB&CGDI&CGPRO&CG100, click ok and log in directly.

CG100 III Prog vs CG Pro 9s12 vs CG FC200

Comparison of CG100 III Prog, CG Pro 9S12, and CG FC200 Programmers

Clone Mercedes VGS3, both CG FC200 and CGMB OK

CGDI MB and CG FC200 ECU Programmer: Cloning Mercedes VGS2 and VGS3 TCU

How to use CGDI MB Add a New Key to Benz W211 via OBD

Unlock the convenience and security of a new key for your Benz W211 with the CGDI MB Key Programmer
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